Welcome to the Distance and Elevation Converter!

Websites usually list runs and races in either miles or kilometers and elevation gain in either feet or meters. Most people know either the imperial system or the metric system, so it can be confusing when distances and elevation are listed in the type you are not familiar with.

Whether you're planning a run in a different country or simply curious about converting distances between miles and kilometers, or elevations between feet and meters, our Distance and Elevation Converter tool is here to assist you! Here you can effortlessly convert distances between miles and kilometers, as well as elevations between feet and meters.

Distance Converter

Elevation Converter

How to Use the Converters

  1. Enter the distance or elevation in the input field. You can input the distance value in either miles or kilometers and the eleveation value in either feet or meters.

  2. Select the desired conversion direction using the dots: Miles to Kilometers: Converts miles to kilometers.
    Kilometers to Miles: Converts kilometers to miles.
    Feet to Meters: Converts feets to meters.
    Meters to Feet: Converts meters to feet.

Click the "Convert" button, and the result will be displayed below the button.

Why Use the Distance and Elevation Converter?

Knowing the equivalent distances in different units can be extremely useful for runners, especially when planning routes, tracking progress, or comparing race distances. The same goes for elevation gain to know how hilly and challenging a route can be.
Our converters eliminates the hassle of manual calculations and provides you with accurate and instant results.
Whether you prefer measuring your running distances in miles or kilometers and elevation in feet or meters, our converter ensures you have the conversion at your fingertips. It's a valuable tool for both beginners and seasoned runners, offering convenience and efficiency in a single click.

Happy converting, and enjoy your runs wherever they may take you!